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Friday, March 31, 2006

batherapy update

batherapy has no longer contains lithium! i just happened to read the label of my latest jug of it and noticed that. i kind of feel like the boy who struck a lamppost with a stick and thought he caused the chicago blackout (or whatever that story is.) i hope my post about it wasn't responsible. like maybe someone saw my post and was like "oh my god, we can't have lithium in our bath salts! change the recipe right away!" that's crazy, right?

right. and believe me, the results of this change have been just as catastrophic as any citywide blackout, or fire, or whatever. you know, i mean, to me. downers really improve the quality of my life. maybe i should just get it over with and become a heroin addict. or at least a barbiturate addict. or, like, move to the country. or rent all the episodes of "who's the boss." not funny, i know, but you can't say "who's the boss" wouldn't be depressing to watch. i mean, i haven't seen it since it was on, but i'm pretty sure it would depress me. so that would be good. but not as good as a xanax. or some goddamned BATHERAPY!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


i'm continuing to flake on everyone that i know, my blog, friends, a potential new job, my writing group, my dog, my plants. ok, not my "plants", i'm only in charge of one plant, but warren watered that one yesterday--i noticed it sitting in the tub. i wonder if i will still be the same person once i'm allowed to be a person again.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


i am not functioning at full capacity. i am having a busy patch at work. and i think i have spring fever, which, contrary to what madison avenue wld have you believe, is not randiness, but rather a chronic sleepy sluggishness. i didn't even get to work out yesterday, cuz of work. or on the wkend cuz i was visiting my parents. my favorite things abt working out are: 1. weighing myself, cuz i don't have a scale at home, 2. unabashedly looking at myself in the mirror for 45 minutes. not to admire myself, but just to determine exactly what i look like, 3. my new velour workout shorts from american apparel.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

fashion entreaty o' the day

believe me, i have a lot more to say about my new exercise regime, but for now let me just point out that the new apparent fad of black stretchy "yoga" pants for working out is stupid! but they're all doing it! wear shorts, you stupid cunts! you're all sweating like horses. i'm sweating like a horse. but i'm wearing what sane people wear when they know for a fact that they are going to be sweating.

also, while we're on the subject of things people shouldn't wear: why, oh why, gals, are you tucking your skin tight jeans into your skin tight tall stilletto boots? you look like ho-bags. and if you have a fat ass, which is usually a good thing to have, it looks not good when you do that. everybody stop doing it!

more movie stuff

i'm actually a little embarrassed by my word cloud. it's a lot more media-saturated and consumerist than i imagine myself.

all of that movie stuff below was really to set up the idea, i just remembered, that, these days, i would rather watch a HBO series on dvd than a movie. there is a lot of variety in the way that the different story lines interweave and evolve. there is a person whose whole job it is to steer the multiple writers, producers and editors through a season or more. she is called the "story editor". since i am bored with imagining the process behind the feature films i watch, see below, i would much rather imagine why the story editor decided to, for example, reveal a particular plot point in this show rather than that, or criticise a story editor for cliff-hanging too much--that's really hack, etc.

i used to think my dad was magic for being able to predict, for example, that those two are going to fall in love, or that guy is going to die real soon. now that i've learned the tricks, i realize that he wasn't doing it to impress us or ruin the surprise, he was just bored to the point of exclamation.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

word cloud

this is my blog's word cloud:

go here for yours.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

movies today PART III

READ THE TWO POSTS BELOW (parts one and two) FIRST

here is a list of movies that are thoroughly engaging despite their lack of a hollywood plot that i haven't mentioned already:

1. the mother and the whore directed by jean eustache 1973
this movie has three main charcters who really just kind of hang out in post '68 paris and have sex and talk. there is a scene in which jean-pierre leaud's character listens to a song on the record player. listens to it. the whole song. he doesn't even dance. unfortunately it's not available on netflix. i don't think it's even on dvd yet.

2. irma vep

3. cassavetes' opening night

4. any of warhol's screen tests
in which he had his subjects sit still and look into the camera while he shot a whole roll of 16mm film of them (like five minutes). he did about five hundred of them, and they occasionally screen a handful at a time at the modern. i highly recommend checking some out if you get a chance. i was shocked at how entertaining they were.