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Saturday, March 04, 2006

movies today PART III

READ THE TWO POSTS BELOW (parts one and two) FIRST

here is a list of movies that are thoroughly engaging despite their lack of a hollywood plot that i haven't mentioned already:

1. the mother and the whore directed by jean eustache 1973
this movie has three main charcters who really just kind of hang out in post '68 paris and have sex and talk. there is a scene in which jean-pierre leaud's character listens to a song on the record player. listens to it. the whole song. he doesn't even dance. unfortunately it's not available on netflix. i don't think it's even on dvd yet.

2. irma vep

3. cassavetes' opening night

4. any of warhol's screen tests
in which he had his subjects sit still and look into the camera while he shot a whole roll of 16mm film of them (like five minutes). he did about five hundred of them, and they occasionally screen a handful at a time at the modern. i highly recommend checking some out if you get a chance. i was shocked at how entertaining they were.


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