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Saturday, July 28, 2007

garden update

see how big my tomatoes are now?

i always tell people with enough sun to plant morning glories. they are so easy and grow like weeds. i put this one tiny seedling in late, a few weeks ago, and they are already budding, and being trained around the railing of the fire escape, out of strangling distance from the tomato plant. i can't wait to see what color they are going to be.

incidentally, i got the seedling from the front of our building where they are growing like crazy, having self-seeded, having been planted by bob, decades ago. no one even waters them now, but there are oodles of flowers, in all different colors. i remember he used to collect the seeds in the fall and plant them in the spring. but i guess that was unnecessary. strangely, though, there are none of the sky blue ones, or the night blooming white ones anymore. i guess they require special treatment.

this is where it comes out of the flower box that my friend keli gave me before she left new york.

the cilantro has long since gone to seed, which i discovered this year is not because i am a terrible gardener, but because it just naturally has a very short lifespan. one is meant to grow several crops each year.

so i am sprouting some seeds as an experiment. some are dried out already and some are not. i may even eat the sprouts as microgreens.

i will keep you posted.

Friday, July 27, 2007

saying hi!

hey everybody! here's a request! (i've discovered that using exclamation points makes you seem nice when you're typing stuff to people. but i do feel bad about contributing to punctuation inflation. if people just use periods, you wonder if they're mad at you.) please stop telling me to say hi to warren! i know everybody likes him, and he's elusive, but it stresses me out! when i agree to tell him hi, i take it very seriously! i feel it is my duty to convey your message! by the time i get home, at least three people have told me to say hi to him! until i have successfully delivered your messages, i suffer from a vague sense of delinquency! i get all caught up in telling him all the stuff i want to tell him and forget about all of your all's messages! it makes me feel bad about myself! i don't know if you noticed, but i enjoy feeling good about myself! i discussed this with him last night, and he has agreed to assume that everyone i encounter wishes that they had encountered him too!


Sunday, July 15, 2007


i don't follow local politics, mostly because i just assume that what is reported in the news is nowhere near what's actually going on. plus it's really complicated with years of backstory and feuds, and just always seems kind of petty.

but i do remember a couple months ago bloomberg said something about banning private cars from manhattan. or at least taxing the heck out of them. i am SO down with this idea--i love it on snow days when cars are banned. it's so forward-thinking! no one else is talking about stuff like that. and he's not afraid to just one day up and announce it's something he wants to do. everyone said he would never get smoking banned in the city, but he did. and he never hypes himself with huge abstract ideas, which i like too. he just quietly and concretely gets stuff done. the banning cars thing is almost enough for me to decide i'd like him as president, but i really don't know that much about him.

plus, just think about how cool it would be if he became president and then came out! c'mon. he's gay, right?