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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mother's day

happy belated mother's day. everyone kept insisting that i be wished happy mother's day, but for some reason, i do not consider myself a mother yet.

nevertheless, we celebrated by spending a day in the park with some friends and their nine year old.

it would have been happier times for me if i could have had ice cream too, but i've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which is a temporary kind of diabetes that disappears after you give birth. it's not serious unless it goes unmanaged, but it is a huge pain in the ass, especially when what i am allowed to eat is so limited already. plus, i have to do math every time i eat. and test my blood seven times a day.

i am saving the notebook with all of the numbers in it and foods i ate to show this kid when he wants to get a motorcycle. which he probably won't, thank god; he'll probably be a nerd like us.

i had to drag warren away from this. it was past the nine year old's bedtime, and his mom was not pleased about that, but warren didn't notice. hmm.