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Thursday, March 09, 2006

more movie stuff

i'm actually a little embarrassed by my word cloud. it's a lot more media-saturated and consumerist than i imagine myself.

all of that movie stuff below was really to set up the idea, i just remembered, that, these days, i would rather watch a HBO series on dvd than a movie. there is a lot of variety in the way that the different story lines interweave and evolve. there is a person whose whole job it is to steer the multiple writers, producers and editors through a season or more. she is called the "story editor". since i am bored with imagining the process behind the feature films i watch, see below, i would much rather imagine why the story editor decided to, for example, reveal a particular plot point in this show rather than that, or criticise a story editor for cliff-hanging too much--that's really hack, etc.

i used to think my dad was magic for being able to predict, for example, that those two are going to fall in love, or that guy is going to die real soon. now that i've learned the tricks, i realize that he wasn't doing it to impress us or ruin the surprise, he was just bored to the point of exclamation.


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