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Monday, May 02, 2005

so far

so far i have succeeded at almost everything i have attempted in my life. recently, upon noticing this tendency, i decided to choose more carefully the things that i want to accomplish from now on--not that i dont like most of the things ive done. just, if i'm going to do all that work, it might as well be exactly the greatest thing ever. also recently, i have developed a fascination with beekeeping and am having a rather elaborate fantasy wherein i own a bee and goat farm; i make cheese and honey and serve brunch on sundays. if i am not careful, this is precisely what i will be doing in five years. but that might be a good thing. i havent decided yet. i also might go to medical school. i also might be editing tv shows still.

my dog, mimi, is 70 pounds, which is the weight of maybe a a ten year old girl? when she leans her head on my chest, i feel like a mom. and that feels good.


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