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Thursday, May 05, 2005

new plan

ok, my new plan is to become a dog travel reviewer. i am going to start a blog devoted to reviews of places in the catskills that allow dogs. and soon it will be so popular that the places will start letting me stay there for free.

first stop: the gateway lodge, this weekend.


places visited in the past: shangri-la at mountain gate lodge


i've stayed at mountain gate like 5 times. pros: 1.) it's at the end of a road that turns into a hiking trail right into the woods. 2.) the food at the indian restaurant is the best i've ever had, and i am not exaggerating. 3.) i can leave the door open and let the dog come and go as she pleases because it's on like 3 acres and there is no traffic on the road. cons: 1.) the rooms kind of smell like poo. and, well, do you really need any more cons than that?


At 7:55 PM, Blogger emilie blythe said...

tia, i just created a blogger account so i could respond to your post! but that's cool. it's worth it. i just want to say that place for this weekend looks really beautiful in that picture, and i bet with all your research you found a great place. i can't wait to hear about it! you are such a good doggy mom.

At 10:31 AM, Blogger NYAPIKORES said...

though this post is very old, i was wondering have you found a nice cheap place in the catskills with rooms that donot happen to smell like poo?


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