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Friday, May 09, 2008


and we have our first rose!


the purple columbines have graced us with their presence.



some jive-ass turkey picked the allium a couple days ago. my fury has abated somewhat since, thanks.

my upstairs garden is not big enough, and we can't put any more plants out there or else we'll get in trouble and i won't have any tomatoes this summer.


counterclockwise starting from lower left: poinsettia, cactus, basil, poppy seeds, cilantro sprouts, hiding tomato, mother of thousands, strawberries, morning glory.

since it is going to rain all week, i decided it was the perfect opportunity to guerrilla garden my leftover poppy and queen anne's lace seeds. wild poppy seeds are super tiny, so i had like a hundred thousand. i sprinkled them in all the neglected tree beds to and from my way to work so i can see how they are coming along every day and not despair or anything like that. so if you see red poppies or queen anne's lace in the east village this summer, you'll know who did it! i can't take credit for all the grass, although i already see a bunch coming up!


At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Lori Mocha said...

That's a damn nice rose.


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