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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


i'm on another break from work now, so i have time to blog. mimi, my dog, just had her last chemotherapy treatment, of five. for those who don't know, she had her back left leg amputated in october. she's fine for now. i have decided to behave as if she will always be fine until informed that she is not fine. she is doing very well, and her mobility has been affected very little. she does occasionally lose her balance and fall when playing or leaping, which she still does plenty as she's still very energetic and friendly. i'm glad that living in new york city so many people see her and can see that dogs get along very well with just three legs, in case they ever have to make that decision about their own dog. maybe fewer dogs will be put down prematurely because of her.

here she is at thanksgiving:


At 1:10 AM, Blogger keli said...

her smile looks the same. probably she doesn't think about the fact that she used to have a leg where now she doesn't, nor does she count that most other dogs have four legs whereas she has three, and therefore, she is probably as happy as ever. good moomers.


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