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Thursday, April 10, 2008

east village spring

these paperwhites are done blooming now. we're just letting the bulbs recharge for next year. i got the bulbs at the seminar mentioned in the previous post. i put two of them outside in front of our building and those are still sprouting. today i planted some seeds out there too: cosmos and wildflowers.
i got strawberries in a couple days ago. i'm trying not to use plastic, even though it would have been so much cheaper. oh well, this hanging basket contraption is gonna last forever and will be super handy for tons of stuff.
which of these neighbors would you rather know?
spring is why chartreuse is my favorite color.
i'm gonna wait till night temperatures are a little warmer to start these suckers in the window box. my tomato seedling still has not arrived.

quilt update coming soon...


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