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Saturday, August 13, 2005


i feel like this blog is not confessional enough. i've forgotten who all i've given this URL to, so i'm making sure everything's not offensive to anyone i know, even my parents, even though i know i haven't even told them i have a blog. i'm 34. i shouldn't even care what my parents know or don't know. oh yeah, i'm 35. anyway. i do some things i wouldn't want my parents to know about, but i wouldn't care if anyone else knew, but i still don't write about those things here.

but i have to confess:

i don't know anything about hip hop or rap, or whatever. i realize that it is impossible to be cool if you don't, so that's why i've always hidden how ignorant i am on the topic. i haven't exacly lied about it, but i haven't ever volunteered this info. so here it is. i am officially not cool at all.

i made this confession in the interest of making this blog less andy-rooney-like, but have only succeeded in making it rather more andy-rooney-like really. which is something andy rooney would totally do.

i am going to go cut my hair now. i got this terrible haircut a couple weeks ago; it's a mullet; it's definitely a mullet. what was she thinking?! but if i cut off the long hair in the back (the "party" part of "business in the front, party in the back"), it won't be a mullet anymore. i can't have a mullet and be andy rooney both at the same time. that would just be too much. plus my boyfriend is teaching me about rap. wish me luck.


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