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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

peter jennings

i just heard alan alda say on the tv that peter jennings carried around a portable copy of the constitution around with him in his pocket and that now he's gonna start doing that too. for some reason it would make me distrust someone more to know that they did that, not the opposite. it's like they're protesting too much. and plus, as my dad would say, gag-a-maggot. i mean i love the constitution and all, but i don't often find myself in situations in which i need to check it. and if i ever were in such a situation i would err grossly on the civil rights side and wouldn't need to check on precisely how much i could get away with. but it sucks he had lung cancer and everything. i quit smoking a year and a half ago. i hope i don't get it. should i feel bad that that's the first thing i think whenever anyone starts talking about peter jennings? which they are a bit too much lately, don't you think? i mean, poor guy, but still.


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