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Friday, July 01, 2005


i have been spending money like a mofo. what do mofos spend money on anyway? what does one need in order to fuck one's mother? if youre a girl, maybe a dildo? or maybe mofos buy impractical things just for fun, like wind-up nun dolls and crystal paperweights. oh wait. paperweights have a function. i guess.

anyways. i bought running shoes, which i have run in exactly once in the two weeks ive had them. a new phone, because i got something in the mail that said i could have a free one, but when i got to the store i didnt like the free one, so i got the one that cost me fifty bucks, even though my old one is perfectly fine. new glasses and contacts--i did need them--my prescription was three years old--everything looks like it's been washed. books for my nieces. lots of fancy dinners cuz i'm into fancy dinners lately, and not having to do the dishes. travel books and map for our trip upstate next week. i so deserve a week in the woods, y'all!

is my frat boy vocab annoying as hell yet?


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