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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

back in town

got back from vacationing on sunday. oddly i still feel relaxed and sane. usually such peace of mind dissipates altogether on the drive back into the city. perhaps this persistence of calm is due to a recent subconscious spiritual accomplishment rather than to the fact that we took the taconic and saw mill rather than the tappan zee and cross bronx expressway. sunlight through leaves above is the most soothing sight to me. we went to the catskills and adirondacks. sunshine on a lawn. aahh. no jackhammers to be heard. wading in mountain streams. my dog's permagrin. sleeping in every day for a week. i'm already planning my next trip.

it's weird though. this is the first time i didnt fantasize the whole time about living up there permanently. people were way too excited to talk to us. they were bored. i don't want to be bored. what is it about the city that keeps me from being bored? is it anything? maybe i wouldnt be bored. i havent been bored since i was in high school. i think i'd read a lot.


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