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Friday, August 12, 2005


1. you know what? if you have a vicious dog, say so *before* my dog starts going up to your dog; don't yell at me as if i shouldn't have let her get near your dog in the first place. most people let their dogs say hello to each other. do you realize that? i am not going to curtail my dog's social life because a few dogs are vicious. and, actually, my dog can tell if your dog will be mean to her better than you can. she can smell it. and anyway everyone loves her. even vicious dogs.

2. (not about dogs, but "dogs" is a good heading anyway. i like dogs.) put *look at me* on your netflix queue. it's about a girl whose dad is a famous writer, and in france, where it's set, you can be rich and a celebrity if you're a writer. he doesn't pay enough attention to her. and she is preparing to sing in a performance at a church in the town of her country house. he has writer's block. uch, it's a french movie; you can't just write a paragraph about what it's about. (that's one of the reasons i like french movies. also i'm a shameless francophile.) it's interesting to be able to watch the deleted scenes on the dvd; it makes it more obvious what the filmmakers were trying to focus. also interesting: the "making of" documentary on the disc doesn't really show agnes jaoui directing. weird. is it because she is a woman?


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