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Thursday, September 08, 2005

prospect park

what gives me the most pleasure these days is taking my dog somewhere she has never been where she can be off leash. she spends most of the time right at my side, though, and perhaps this is what i love about our trips really. on labor day we went to prospect park, in the entirety of which, BTW, if you are a dog owner and dont know this, dogs can romp with naked necks at will. she had huge lawns at her disposal. the first thing she did when we got there was run five largish circles around us. yes, i counted. then we played fetch, well, not really, she doesnt really fetch, she runs after the stick and then refuses to return it, necessitating running after her and getting it each time.

and then we went to "dog beach". it is an area of a pond that dogs are allowed into. the water isnt even that gross! i cant believe i havent been going there all summer. she loved it. even though she cant swim. she was watching the dogs who could, though, and i think if we go there enough, she will learn. i read that dogs learn to swim from each other.

then we went to bierkraft and got beer and a washed rind cheese from colorado and peet's coffee. that place is awesome! they even gave mimi some niman ranch pastrami. i was inquiring because i am afraid to eat beef now unless it is niman ranch because of mad cow and plus it uses up a lot of resources to make beef, so it's very unecological. but i didnt want pastrami, i wanted roast beef. so we stuck with the beer and cheese and coffee. oh, and chocolate.


At 5:07 PM, Blogger sarahfisch said...

In the Fisch family, we teach our dogs to swim by hurling them into the pool, resulting in three swimming dogs and one phobic one.


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