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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


today's guest blogger is my boyfriend, warren.
it was his birthday yesterday, incidentally.
yeah, yeah, i know, everyone loves a sag.
take it away, warren.

Firstmost, allow to say what an honor it is to be the first ever guest-blogger on [censored]'s blog. To think that a sharecropper's son from the backwoods of Rocky Mount, North Carolina would rise to such a position through honest, God-loving, hard labor, verily embiggens the heart.
I do have a theoretical blog of my own that may one day manifest itself that will be all about booze, one of my fields of expertise. But I'm not one to seek the limelight. In fact, I actively avoid any sort of attention from the general public. Actually, I am physically sickened by attention getting behavior. Good thing I am writing here, because I know how few people read [censored]'s blog.
Speaking of [censored], she took me to a wonderful restaurant for my birthday where I gorged myself on fresh crabs, oysters, and truffled and chanterelled fishes. Big shout out to [censored]! You're my special lady.
This time of year I like to turn my thoughts to Jesus Christ, lord and saviour to many, personal hero to me; and think about how much consumerist ass he would kick in my wine shop. Christmas shoppers are the worst people in the world. Do they think Jesus isn't going to notice how awful they are?
Well, that was fairly painless. Maybe one day I will have a blog that is even less popular than [censored]'s. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Ramadan, Blessed Diwali, Righteous Kwanzaa, and Festivus for the Rest of Us.


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