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Friday, December 02, 2005


sorry about the recent silence, readers. i don't have an airport card in my computer at work. i will soon though, so you're in for plenty of LoCV in the near future. that is if i can get over my embarrassment at having misspelled "tompkins square park". don't go back and look; i've already fixed it. i've lived in the east village for almost ten years, and, at some point during that period, i got it into my head that "tompkins" didn't have a "p" in it. (remember thomson and thompson from the tintin comics?)

i also just realized that i have been using the verbs "affect" and "effect" incorrectly, by interchanging them, for probably decades. which would be fine, not fine, but not excruciating, if i hadn't discovered this by snottily checking the dictionary with the sole purpose in mind of emailing the definitions to someone i thought was using "affect" incorrectly.

mwop, mwop.


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