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Saturday, March 31, 2007


ok. i am officially crazy. feminist that i am, i just spent the entire day yesterday trying on every white dress in new york city. notice: i did not say "manhattan". initially, i was all, "oh, i'm not going to be one of those women who gets all nuts about what she looks like on her wedding day. i'll just get a cocktail dress off the rack at the last minute. this is so not going to be 'wow, look at the beautiful bride.'" ok. first of all, i'm totally vain anyway, even though i try really hard to keep it a secret--by not wearing make up or fancy clothes and stuff like that. but the more i think about everyone looking at me on june 16th, the fancier my idea of a dress gets.

anyway, i think i found the dress i want. that's what prompted the shopping day from hell yesterday. because i was like "i can't just buy the first dress i try on and like. i need to know that it is the best dress in town." there's only one of this dress in my size, and it could get bought at any minute. but no way could finding a dress be that easy, right? it has almost everything i want: it's short and not strapless. it's casual and fancy at the same time. it's beautifully made and comfortable. it's both cute and sophisticated. it's both tailored and flow-y. i just know that if i don't buy it before someone else does i'll never find one i like as much, and if i do get it, i'll see something that has all those qualities plus is satin like i wanted. like i said: crazy. i may actually break down and drag a girlfriend to the store to weigh in, which i said i'd never do. (the dress pictured is not the dress. i didn't have my camera with me when i saw it.)


At 10:08 AM, Blogger Sally Big Woods said...

I say, if you like it - which it sounds like you totally do - Buy it. In my experience, and from listening to every person who's ever bought a wedding dress, or sold one, it's the first dress you try on and like that you end up loving and buying. So, go with your strong feelings. It's ok to be (publicly) vain for this One Day, btw.

This IS the best dress in town.

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Abundant Creature said...

(catching up on your blog after a long, internet free hiatus) I agree with Sally. Especially the vanity part. BTW please send me your physical address so I can send you a wedding treat--maybe a recording of me singing some old faves from the Leila Fletcher Piano Book 1 perhaps ("Wan Long Pan Is Famous Chinese Detective....")

At 7:06 PM, Blogger cafaleem said...

Wan Long Pan, he gives the crooks a chase...

At 9:08 PM, Blogger cafaleem said...

i'm sorry if that seemed odd and creepy to you, but I heard something earlier that reminded me of that song so I googled "Wan Long Pan Is Famous Chinese Detective" to see what came up... and this was it. I still have that book somewhere... well worth finding for the drawings alone. "The Bar-ber cuts- your hair (snip-snip)..." Come near my braids with those scissors, dude, and there's going to be trouble!


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