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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

knitted lace

here is some lace i'm working on. i am starting a new job in a month and have decided to do exactly what i feel like doing when i feel like doing it the entire time until then, while still going to the gym every other day, cooking as much from scratch as possible and making gifts for people. the red lace is going to be a scarf for my mom for her birthday. the green lace is going to be for me. warren's aran sweater is going to have to wait till next year because there is no way i'll get it done in time for him to wear it while it's still cold.

i really should be working on wedding invitations and shopping for a dress, but june 16th seems so far away right now, and i am full on indulging myself. i'm thinking of taking a pottery class, or maybe sewing my own wedding dress.... i really want to go to the beach.... record a book for librivox.... watch some of the movies that were nominated for oscars....

it's amazing how much you don't have time to do when you have a job.


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