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Sunday, December 24, 2006

weird christmas

i decided to get a tree this year, mainly because i felt sorry for it. it's about three feet high and perched precariously on a book shelf. it is adorned partially with the white fluffy stuffing that comes out of mimi's toys when she destroys them. (mimi is a dog.) i guess i'm feeling a little seasonal affective disorder-ish.

i usually buy a wreath instead of a tree because our apartment is so small, and warren and i are kind of grinches anyway, but this christmas has just been different. neither warren nor i are working at the mo', so we have been having fun on vacation at home. (copious crafting pictures to come.) plus, mimi got bitten by a vicious dog the other day, so we had to cancel our travel plans so we could stay home and monitor the infection and flush out her wound. it's like 60 degrees out. ho ho ho?


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