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Friday, May 19, 2006


i overheard someone, as i was passing the sidewalk tables of the three of cups, which is on the corner of my block, say, "i just need to get a new lifestyle." like the way you live is something you can just go out and pick up like milk from the bodega. this is the way people think nowadays. she'll probably hire a personal trainer and/or nutritionist, or at the very least go to one of those weekend "spiritual retreats" up in the catskills at a "conference center". i wonder what her problem is, why she needs to change her, maybe, furniture arrangement. bad skin? malaise? what is the alternative? surgery? leaving manhattan? maybe her old lifestyle expired and she has been walking around without one. maybe she currently has a lifestyle of the rich and famous and has just decided that it's passé. maybe she's just your average idiot. nevertheless, all of that having been said, it did occur to me anew as i was walking up the steps to my apartment that i really, really need to start getting to bed earlier.


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